Sperry community raising money to refurbish DX Station from 'The Outsiders'

VIDEO: Community working to refurbish 'The Outsiders' gas station in Sperry

SPERRY, Okla. — Another piece of Oklahoma pop culture is getting some help from the community.

The DX Gas Station in Sperry no longer looks like it did in the 1983 Francis Coppola film "The Outsiders," but members of the community are looking to change that.

GALLERY: Sperry community raising money for 'The Outsiders' DX Station

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Gary Coulson started a GoFundMe page in an effort to refurbish the DX Station - setting the page's goal at $30,000.

"In an effort to continue honoring and preserving Oklahoma's rich Pop Culture history, we are going to refurbish the DX Gas Station in Sperry, Oklahoma, used in the 1983 Francis Coppola film, The Outsiders, based on the best selling novel by S. E. Hinton. The scene at the DX Station featured C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis, Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade, Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston, Rob Lowe as Sodapop Curtis, and Tom Cruise as Steve Randle."

The page's goal is to raise enough money to recreate the station as it looked in the film based off of the S.E. Hinton novel. This includes a two-sided DX sign, gas pumps, an Anco windshield wiper display, a 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe, a phone booth, and more.

Those novelty items are on the list of needs to refurbish the station in addition to logistical work such as paint, electrical wiring, concrete work, and a security system.

The DX Station would serve as an addition to the "Outsiders Filming Locations Tour" that would include the soon-to-be-open Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa.

Anyone interested in donating to refurbish the DX Gas Station can find the GoFundMe page here.

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