South Tulsa community voice worries over 5G towers

TULSA, Okla. — People living in a south Tulsa community have met to see what more they can do to stop 5G towers from going up in their neighborhood.

Earlier this year, four towers were taken down because of the community’s campaign but revised plans were submitted to put them back up again.

On Wednesday, a group of around 20 people living in the Walnut Creek neighborhood, near 81st and Harvard, met to voice their concerns.

At the meeting, District 2 Councilor Jeannie Cue said she spoke with the City of Tulsa’s legal department to see what they can do.

“To try to understand where our powers are, that it’s not fair to neighbors if there’s poles in their yard, we don’t want them in our districts, looking bad for neighborhoods. We want neighbors to have rights, to make decisions themselves, so it’s kind of on hold until we can get our legal department to line up some more guidelines for us,” said Cue.

Cue said it means at the moment the poles won’t go back up.

“They’re looking to see what kind of regulations we can put in, and until we hear from them they’re the ones that will advise us what legally they can do,” said Cue.

Earlier this year, four towers that had been put up in Walnut Creek were taken down. But later, the neighbors were told the towers might be put back up again in the neighborhood, but in different locations.

Dr. Shelli Landon, who lives in the Walnut Creek neighborhood, said residents are angry and worried.

“I think there’s a growing anxiety about it,” she said.

“From what I’m hearing from neighbors they are terrified, there are people here who are planning to move and leave, a next door neighbor yesterday told me, she’s only about 100 yards from where this supposed pole is going to go to replace the light pole, she told me that if indeed it goes in. they will sell they. will move,” Landon continued.

Neighbors said the towers are ugly, that they’re worried the towers will impact health and they also said when the original towers were put up there weren’t any installation permits.

Landon said they’ll fight the towers in court to try to delay any more installations.

Councilwoman Cue told the meeting that she’s doing all she can to stand up for the people in the neighborhood.

Neighbors said they wont give up.

Landon said if you find yourself in a similar situation in your neighborhood to get a lawyer and get in touch with their neighborhood group at