South, north Tulsa fast food robberies possibly related

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Around 11 p.m. Sunday, robbers allegedly threw rock through door at McDonald's near Admiral and South 129th East Ave
  • The suspects took cash and a cell phone; several employees were at the restaurant but not hurt
  • About 90 minutes later, an armed man broke into the back door of a Sonic near 61st and Lewis
  • He took cash; police say there are similarities between the robberies

Tulsa police are working to solve two overnight armed robberies at fast food restaurants across town Sunday night and Monday morning..

Police say a group of suspects with guns threw a rock to break a door at a McDonald’s and ordered customers and employees around counters.

They’re accused of then forcing the manager to open the safe.

They got away with money before police arrived.

It happened just before midnight near Admiral and 129th East Avenue.

About an hour later, police say one suspect threw a rock to get into a Sonic near 61st and Lewis.

They’re accused of also robbing employees with a gun.

No one was hurt.


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