• OSBI investigates second sexual assault allegation

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    BIXBY, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Sources close to the case tell FOX23 that Bixby police received a report during after school hours about a student who was possibly sexually assaulted. 
    • The mother and the victim made the report at the high school Wednesday night. 
    • FOX23 was told by sources the district immediately notified Bixby police. 
    • Sources say the victim claims the incident happened before the original incident we’ve been telling you about. 
    • Bixby police said they will be handing over any information from their investigation to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
    • OSBI confirmed their investigation into the allegations Friday

    FOX23 reached out to Bixby Public Schools and got this statement: 

    We have been contacted today by press in reference to a recent report of potential assault on a student. Of course, we cannot comment on the specific confidential information in this request.  However, if BPS gets any report of any kind of potential assault on a student, we will immediately report to all proper authorities, investigate for the safety of our students, and pursue any/all interventions that are appropriate.

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