Some school board members concerned over budgeting for security in Tulsa Public Schools

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 is getting a closer look at the budget for Tulsa Public Schools (TPS). A concern some Board of Education members have expressed is that there is no increase in security, even after recent mass shootings.

Out of the nearly $700 million TPS budget for the next school year, new School Board Member E’Lena Ashley said there’s no talks in upping security. She said she requested a special meeting for it, but she claimed she was denied.

Ashley also said she asked if the TPS police chief can do a presentation to the board because the district currently contracts a few security companies to come in.

“[Security Resource Officers], I guess are in short demand,” Ashley said. “I understand that there a few. In my opinion, in this kind of climate, there should be some sort of resource officer at every school, at least one.”

School Board Member John Croisant said the security teams assist the school police. He also said the school district works closely with the Tulsa’s first responders.

“One of the biggest things to stop with the kind of violence we’re seeing at Uvalde or Saint Francis because we have great first responders here. Our police force, EMSA, our fire fighters will come quickly, but in order for them to respond, we need people to see, hear and share,” Croisant said.

The See, Hear and Share Program at TPS is designed for students, teachers, parents and the Tulsa community to report things anonymously. You can text or call (918)-480-SAFE. If it’s an immediate emergency, call 911.