Some Okmulgee County residents remain without water after last week’s storms

OKMULGEE COUNTY, Okla. — Some residents in parts of Okmulgee County are still without water after last week’s storms. The Okmulgee County Water District Director Valarie Rice says they’re working hard to restore everyone’s water.

However, another problem some residents say they have is brown water and add the storms made it worse.

What’s suppose to be crystal clear water, is not clear at all at Randy Sissom’s home in Preston.

What is clear is he doesn’t feel safe using his water unless he changes his filters on his system he made himself.

Sissom says he hasn’t had clear water since 2019, but things got worse after last February’s freeze.

“The excuse was well the lake is turning over so you’re going to get some discolored water, some bad smell and it’ll go away in a couple months,” he said he was told by the county.

He says things got worse and spends more than $100 a month in filters, paying more than double for safe water than his actual water bill.

The filters he has says on the label, change two to three filters a year. He said he’s changing a filter every five days.

Valarie Rice with Okmulgee County Water Districts says the water is safe to drink and problems didn’t start after the freeze.

Sissom says the problems aren’t new and is having to install more filters.

There’s a Preston Water District Two meeting next Thursday.