• Snake, air quality concerns close Muskogee DHS office

    By: Jackie Delpilar


    MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • The Muskogee DHS office closed Tuesday
    • A king snake was found inside
    • A chemical sprayed to rid the building of snakes caused air quality concerns
    • Clients can use other DHS offices or online services for help 


    A Muskogee office closed Tuesday amid extermination issues. 

    Department of Human Services offices say they are working to make sure the building is safe after an outdoor repellent was accidentally left indoors.

    The move comes after a snake sighting happened days ago when employees said a king snake fell on them after they heard something in the ceiling. At that time, the building manager put down a powdered snake repellent in the ceiling.

    The owner of the building reportedly later learned that the repellent was actually intended for outdoor use.

    When employees returned to work, they allegedly complained about the odor from the repellent, so the owner had the building cleaned. However, some repellent remained.

    They are testing the air quality of the building, and it will remain closed until they get the all clear. The building has not been declared either safe or unsafe, but the owner says the building is closed out of precaution.

    DHS leases the building. More snakes could be inside, but there have not been any snake sighting since the repellent was put down.

    DHS said their employees and client health were the priority. Staff went on administrative leave as the situation is resolved. Those who could work remotely or at other offices were able to do so.

    While the office remains closed, clients can go to other DHS locations or use OKDHS Live online for help. 

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