Signs of former amusement park still remain at Jenks lodge

FOX23 SkyView Drone Over Five Oaks Lodge

JENKS, Okla. — Tulsa had its share of amusement parks over the years between Bell’s and Crystal City, but another park south of the city also made a mark.

About 12 miles south of downtown Tulsa sits Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks. The property may not have much now, but it has a lot of history. It used to be the home of Skyline Amusement Park and boasted one of the biggest roller coasters in the world.

Located on 185 acres, Skyline was originally owned by Fred Cox and opened in the 1950s. It was later sold to a group of Wichita businessman and renamed Skyline Funspot.

The park closed in 1970 and wasn’t purchase by the current owners until 1989.

“It was really just kind of wild property,” said Randy Imel. He and his wife Claudia bought the land and 30-acre lake from the FDIC. “When we came out here, I had one goal. I wanted to live here.”%



In the mid-90s, they built and opened the Five Oaks Lodge. It’s used for events like wedding receptions and private parties. They even incorporated some of the Skyline park into the design.

“We ended up making the stairway to our cabin out of part of the old roller coaster wood. There was train track all the way around this and we ended up making the railing for our lodge out of it,” Imel said.

FOX23’s Ron Terrell took a tour of the property and saw signs of its past.

A few concrete pilings that supported the roller coaster can still be seen.

Even the lake was used as part of the fun.

“There was a diving board out there…but we took that down,” Imel said.

The old entry gate is also still standing about 20 feet from 121st Street.

"This went straight across there and when people would come by here, it was this big hill. The kids liked to get in their cars and race and jump and get air on it. There were a bunch of accidents out here, so they ended up cutting this road down," Imel said.

The arcade was converted into the Imels’ home

“This really was a special place. I didn’t know it because I’m not from Tulsa. This was a big, special place,” Imel said.

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