Tulsa police release video from deadly officer-involved shooting

Tulsa police release video from deadly officer-involved shooting

TULSA, OKla. — Tulsa police released video Thursday from a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened May 7 in east Tulsa.

Police confirmed the incident happened around 12:30 p.m. Monday near a motel at 41st and Memorial.

Officials said the two officers made contact with a group of men sitting in a parked vehicle in front of a hotel. They said the area is a known hot spot for drug trafficking and other criminal activity. Upon the officers' approach, a backseat passenger got out of the car and quickly walked away. One officer began to speak with him while another approached the car to contact the front seat passenger.

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Police said that when the passenger wouldn't roll the window down, the officer went to the driver's side and saw the front seat passenger was armed with a gun that was pointed at the officer. At that point, both officers opened fire at the suspect who pointed the weapon. During the incident, police said the suspect fired his weapon at one of the officers.

Officials released a photo showing where the suspect's bullet exited the driver's side window:




Police confirmed the officers involved are part of the department's gang unit. They were later identified as Officers Chris Beyerl and Shawn Hickey. The suspect was identified as Albert Odom, 26.

On Thursday evening, police released body and dash cam videos. Below is the body cam footage from Officer Beyerl:

WARNING: These videos contain graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

The following video is from the dash cam of a responding patrol car:

Two other people in the car took off running when police opened fire, officers said. Both those people were brought into custody for questioning and released, according to police. They said one suspect returned to the scene on his own.

Investigators told FOX23 they found a loaded magazine during a search of the vehicle. They said they also found a gun in the suspect's hand.

The investigation is ongoing.

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