Seven-year-old author hosts book event in north Tulsa

Sammy Wallace III read “I Slept in My Bed Last Night” at Fulton Street Books

TULSA, Okla. — Sammy Wallace III proves age is truly just a number, deciding one day he wanted to write a book then waking up this morning for his first book reading at Fulton Street Books in north Tulsa.

“I Slept in My Bed Last Night” is about a boy who is trying to unlock the mystery of the monster under his bed. In some funny twists and turns, he learns the monster may not be what it seems.

Sammy was all of five-years-old when he wrote the book. His parents said they would revisit it each month until finally it was ready to be published. His mom even did the illustrations.

Thursday, Sammy got to share his book for the first time. The audience a clear representation of his peers, mostly 2nd to 4th graders.

Students involved in the Terence Crutcher Foundation Teach Program got to hear Sammy read passages from his book, and after a round of high fives, got an autographed copy to take home.

The now seven-year-old says writing the book was simply a fun thing he wanted to do because he just likes books.

Sammy and his family now live in California but because they are from here, it was important that his first book reading and signing event was here.

You can get your own copy at Fulton Street Books or on Amazon.