Senate introduces 2017 firearm legislation

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Several bills in the 2017 legislature focus on firearms.

FOX23 went through the bills introduced to find those with widespread change to carry, regulation and gun control.

SB6 would allow state and federally elected officials to carry a firearm if they completed a qualification course. The ability to carry would apply anywhere in the state, according to the proposed text.

SB65 prohibits public money going toward gun control. Specific bans cover “publicity or propaganda”, paying someone to influence legislation and rulemaking for gun control, and advocating for or promoting requirements or restriction on legal consumer products, including guns.

SB66 would allow anyone with a valid handgun license to bring a handgun into the State Capitol.

The Firearms Freedom Act, introduced as SB67, creates a new law noting that personal firearms, accessories and ammunition that remain in the borders of Oklahoma are exempt from federal law, taxation and regulation (including registration).

To be exempt from those federal guidelines, the item must be manufactured in Oklahoma without significant parts imported from other states or countries.

The law would require guns to be stamped inscribed or marked with “Made in Oklahoma” on a central metallic part such as receiver or frame.

Owning such a firearm is acceptable for nonfelons that are legally competent and meet certain age restrictions.

Another new law, SB158, would prevent health care practitioners from denying treatment to patients based on gun ownership.

SB288 would prohibit owners from banning open or concealed carry from parking lots. Property owners can prohibit carry, but the prohibition must be noted if the property is open to the public. Owners are exempted from liability if they allow owners to carry.

SB380 removes laws banning carry on college, university and technology center property. It also creates a new law barring state and private education institutions from banning legal gun carry on campus.