• Self-driving cars may be the future of transportation, but what about big rigs?

    By: George Colli


    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Quick facts:

    • Some say self-driving trucks are the future of transportation.
    • The U.S. legislature is looking into what that means for big rigs.
    • Lawmakers want to find a balance between being first and being safe.


    Self-driving trucks are said to be the future of transportation, but some people are asking about big rigs.

    In the future, there may be no one behind the wheel when that 18-wheeler passes you on the highway.

    The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing to find out how everything from food to furniture may be safely transported without a driver.

    Teamsters are concerned about the impact technology could have on the jobs and safety of its members, and they're urging the Senate to make sure strong  regulations are in place before allowing automated big rigs to hit the roads.

    In Washington, lawmakers are striving to find a balance between being first and being safe.

    Tuesday,  the Department of Transportation released updated guidelines for driverless cars, and last week, the House of Representatives passed the first set of federal laws regulating the industry.

    Supporters of driverless cars believe the vehicles could dramatically decrease the number of fatal accidents.

    The Senate could introduce its own bill and vote on it by the end of the month.


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