Missing Hominy family found safe

VIDEO: Missing Hominy family found safe

HOMINY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Hominy family missing since late February
  • They told relatives they were going to Tulsa for the weekend.
  • They haven't been seen or heard from since

The search for an entire Green Country family that seemingly disappeared has ended. They were found safe though officials were not able to confirm where at the time.

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Relatives says they haven’t seen the family for weeks and they weren’t aware of any plans to go far.

Robert Moseley, his girlfriend Evie Kenworthy and their three young children were last seen leaving Hominy on February 27th. They told relatives after getting their tax money that they planned to go to Tulsa for the weekend.

It’s been three weeks since then and no one had seen or heard from them.

“It’s unlike both of them not to call their moms. I mean, they know to call home. They’ve always called home,” said grandmother Kimberly Moseley.

Loved ones told FOX23 the family even had plans scheduled for the week they were supposed to return.