• Winter Weather Special airs ahead of another winter event

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Green Country has already seen one winter weather event but another is arriving soon
    • FOX23 will air a 30-minute special all about winter weather in Green Country
    • Timing is Tuesday, December 4th at 6:30 PM
    • There are proper ways to dress in the bone-chilling cold
    • FOX23 talked with AAA about the best way to drive in icy conditions


    Whether you are a seasoned resident of Green Country during the winter or this is your first year, the FOX23 Severe Weather Team has you covered.

    There has already been one round of winter weather but another is on the way before the weekend arrives.

    Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott will give his winter outlook and if we are overdue for a bad winter.

    Other topics will include how to drive on the icy roads if you must get out, what some other options besides salt/sand there are and some of the other dangers seen during the winter.

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