• Winter 2017-2018 is wrapping up

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts

    • Winter 2017-2018 is leaving behind some new record temperatures
    • Some rare weather events happened including a steam devil and snow from a power plant
    • Rainfall totals for just the season were decent


    Whether you wanted more snow or more sunny and dry days, winter is coming to an end.

    This winter has been interesting in Green Country. There are some new record temperatures, we had some freezing rain, snow from power plant steam and even a rare steam devil.

    • January 17th a new record low of 4 degrees was set in McAlester
    • January 20th a new record high of 60 degrees was set in Tulsa  

    While we did have some freezing rain that caused some slick and dangerous driving conditions, Tulsa actually did decently well for rainfall totals. 6.25 inches with the average being 6 inches.

    Snowfall is a different story. This winter, Tulsa only received 2 inches while the average is close to 7 inches.

    Through winter, there were several grass fires across Green Country from the dry conditions.

    As winter wraps up and spring inches closer, be aware that snow and cold temperatures can still be seen in April and May.

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    Winter 2017-2018 is wrapping up

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