Why allergens are measured so differently

VIDEO: Why allergens are measured so differently

Quick Facts:

  • Pollens are measured differently
  • Trees pollens are physically bigger than say grass or mold spores
  • If tree pollen ends up in a sampler, it is significant
  • Different types of trees that pollinating between February and April

It isn’t just pollen that originates in Green Country that we have to worry about, it is also pollens that move in the area.

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For instance, Oklahoma sees two types of Cedar: Red Cedar and Mountain Cedar.

Red Cedar originates in Oklahoma but over the years, Mountain Cedar has started to develop in Oklahoma thanks to the migration from Central Texas.

One of the reasons many people have problems with Mountain Cedar is because of how small it is. The size of the pollen is small enough and light enough that winds are able to carry it long distances.

VIDEO: Cedar Pollen from Texas impacting Green Country