• Week before Christmas is going to be a warm one

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Temperatures will stay above average for several days
    • Rain chances make an appearance for any mid-week errands
    • Windy weather will be arriving as well


    Over the last few weeks, Green Country has seen everything from Fall-like weather to winter-like weather with cold and windy conditions.

    Through the next week, temperatures are going to be more fall-like despite a cold front, rain chances and winter officially starting on the calendar.


    The chilly but clear morning leads into a great afternoon. A good amount of sunshine and winds changing to be out of the south will allow temperatures to warm up into the upper-50s and low-60s again.

    Through the afternoon, things will stay dry for any errands or outdoor activities that need to be done.


    Very similar conditions to Monday but more clouds will be rolling in ahead of a cold front.

    The temperatures will be just a tad cooler because of the increased clouds coverage but the front will not push through yet.


    More clouds, a change in winds and rain chances return to Green Country.

    Before leaving the house on Wednesday, make sure that you have an umbrella handy along with a jacket because of the changing conditions.


    Rain chances move out but the clouds will be partially sticking around.

    The cold front will move through, keeping things in the 50s rather than the 60s but the big change will be the winds.

    Behind the cold front, winds are going to be in the 15-25 mile per hour range out of the northwest. That will increase the grass fire risk because they are not only going to be strong but they will also be dry.

    The good news is that the rain received on Wednesday will keep the fire risk from being drastically high.


    Winds calm down and clouds clear out. If you and your family are planning on leaving on Friday to go anywhere for the Christmas holiday or have people driving in, the weather should be great in Green Country!


    More sunshine and warm weather to enjoy. Temperatures will be a little bit closer to the average for the end of December but still slightly on the warm side.

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