• Wednesday's strong winds left behind damage

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Winds were strong behind Wednesday's morning storms
    • Overnight winds stayed strong
    • Be prepared for more strong winds on Thursday


    After the stormy conditions of Wednesday morning cleared out, strong winds starting sweeping down the plains in Oklahoma. Parts of the state saw wind gusts more than 60 miles per hour causing some damage and even for semi-trucks to turnover in parts of Texas.

    A FOX23 viewer sent in photos of some tree limbs down near Rocky Point at Fort Gibson Lake. The winds were strong enough overnight, that it actually caused one of the thicker limbs to break.


    Although winds are not going to be as strong on Thursday as they were on Wednesday, it is still important to watch out for any power lines or limbs that may be down because of the winds.

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