Watching out for mosquitoes after rain clears

VIDEO: Tips for minimizing mosquitoes

Quick Facts:

  • We've seen lots of rain so far this Spring and Summer
  • To keep mosquitoes at bay, remove all standing, stagnant water
  • Certain birds and dragonflies will help lower the mosquito population in your yard
  • Wear repellant or long sleeves if you are going to be outside

Most people know to not leave standing water around but there are some other things that can be done to minimize mosquitoes as well.

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Kenda Woodburn with the Tulsa County Agricultural Extension Office tells FOX23 having certain birds, goldfish, or dragonflies can help. They eat mosquitoes and the mosquito larvae.

FOX23 Meteorologist Megan McClellan talked with Woodburn about some of the other things that can be done: