• Warmer weather makes it feel more like May

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Warmer temperatures arrive to let it finally feel like Spring
    • Some pop-up showers will be possible through the first part of the week
    • Storm chances return for the weekend, stay tuned as the FOX23 Severe Weather Team fine tunes that part of the forecast


    It seems like May in Oklahoma has brought us not only the normal storm chances but also some days with temperatures below average.

    The good news is that going into this week, temperatures will be warmer and there will be a chunk of time that we are able to enjoy some of the dry weather before more rain and storm chances arrive.


    To kick off the week, temperatures are going to be in the upper 70s with some places having the chance to reach 80-degrees. Most of the day will be spent dry, but some isolated rain chances and pop-up showers are possible through the afternoon. Any rain chances that develop this afternoon, will likely stick around in parts of Green Country through the overnight hours and into Tuesday morning.

    The areas that have the highest chance of rain for Monday are generally south of Tulsa, although showers could develop anywhere in Green Country and move through.


    There could be some showers to kick off the day, but they will clear as the day goes on. Mostly sunny skies and warm winds will allow temperatures to climb into the mid-80s, really starting the stretch of warm, spring-like weather for a mid-May week.

    If you are spending an extended amount of time outside this week, make sure you have your sunglasses, water bottles, and sunscreen handy. It is that time of year to make sure you are protecting yourself from not only the heat but also the sun.

    When you are outside, wearing sunscreen and re-applying it every 2 hours will help minimize any sun damage.


    More sunshine and warm weather to enjoy will make for a great Wednesday. Some isolated showers to kick off the day are possible, but similarly to Tuesday, they will clear and the afternoon will be nice.

    The continued sunshine and southern wind allow temperatures to continue to warm-up into the upper-80s. Some places could see 90-degrees if any of the showers clear out quickly.


    Keep the sunglasses and sunscreen handy! Temperatures continue to stay in the upper-80s with mostly sunny skies and southern winds sticking around.

    Be sure to get outside and enjoy this warm, dry weather while you can, storm chances are on the horizon.


    The mostly dry weather sticks around a little while longer before the rain and storm chances return to Green Country.

    If you have any outside errands that need to happen or any yard work, get it done before the weekend arrives (that is when more storm chances arrive).


    Even with temperatures in the low-80s, Saturday is going to be a bit of a stormy day. Some of the storms moving through could be severe. The FOX23 Severe Weather Team will be keeping a close eye on the chances as the week goes on.

    The good news is that it doesn't look like the entire weekend will be a washout right now. It looks like once the storm chances move through, things will start to dry out and you should be able to enjoy at least Sunday.

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