U.S. breaks record for most billion-dollar disasters in 2020

Among the other tragic events of 2020, the memorable year broke the record for the most billion-dollar disasters recorded in a year for the U.S.

This statistic has been tracked for 40 years now with an overall average of seven disasters each year that total $1 billion or more.

In 2020, the United States had 22 such events, totaling $95 billion in damage.

Thirteen of those disasters were severe weather events, one of which affected mainly southern Oklahoma between April 21 and 22.

Seven disasters were landfalling hurricanes after a record-setting season. One was widespread drought in the western U.S.

The final and costliest disaster was the western wildfires from last summer, causing over $16 billion in damages alone.

For 2021, continued drought and wildfire economic impacts are likely to exceed a billion dollars apiece while others still remain uncertain this early in the year.