• Tulsa non-profit reopens after early June flooding causes them to close

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Heavy rain caused flash flooding in Tulsa in early June
    • Fab Lab Tulsa had 5 inches of water coming inside their building 
    • They are back open after being closed nearly all of June


    It's been nearly a month since flash flooding in Tulsa damaged some area businesses.

    A local non-profit, Fab Lab Tulsa, in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood is one of those businesses.
    Executive Director Nathan Pritchett said how quickly the rain fell and water flooded their building surprised them.
    Once the rain stopped and the water receded, the team at Fab Lab Tulsa worked quickly to dry out the building.
    Unfortunately, the quick work did not keep damage from happening.

    After clearing out the standing water, a week later - there was still water in the walls.

    Fab Lab Tulsa had to close to the community and cancel many of their June programs.

    They are finally back open after being closed for 4 weeks and have their July event underway.

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