Tulsa Air and Space Museum Opens Apollo 11 Exhibit

Celebrating 50 years since moon landing, plans for next mission

Quick Facts:

  • Oklahoma is home to several astronauts
  • Parts for the Saturn V rocket were built in Tulsa
  • There are some pieces at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum that have actually orbited the earth

Neil Armstrong's iconic words on July 20, 1969, went down in history as he took the first steps off the lunar module onto the moon's surface.
50 years later - celebrations and exhibits are happening across the country including at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

This new exhibit isn't just about the Apollo 11 missions - it also details the ties Tulsa and Oklahoma have to the space program.
Visitors can also get a closer look at some of the unique things - like a command module or some of the master command consoles from that era for a more hands-on lesson on the Apollo missions.