Tornado safety: What you need to know

Tornadoes - Up Close

Quick Facts:

  • Tornadoes are rated on damage and estimated winds
  • Size of the tornadoes does not necessarily measure its intensity
  • Tornadoes in the EF-0 through EF-2 range are more likely to develop than stronger ones
  • Any tornado can be deadly

In Oklahoma, there are days that severe weather will be possible and one of the threats could be tornadoes. Making sure you and your loved ones are prepared with a plan can help save lives.

1. Have a plan in place:

  • Know in advance exactly what to do when a tornado nears.
  • Know where to take shelter in seconds.
  • Practice home tornado drills with your entire family.
  • Have your kids draw a picture of their home with their "safe place."

2. The best shelter is a tornado shelter, or an interior room like a closet or bathroom on the lowest level of your home, away from glass or windows.

  • Bring pillows and blankets to cover yourselves from falling debris and wear bike helmets to protect your head.
  • Have a flashlight and a battery operated radio to take into your shelter with you.
  • You may even turn your television volume up loud enough so that you can hear Severe Weather Alerts from the FOX23 Severe Weather Team.
Weather Preparedness: Taking Shelter in Your Home Part 1
  • If you don't have a storm shelter or an interior room, you can still take shelter in a hallway by taking a few precautions.
Weather Preparedness: Taking Shelter in Your Home Part 2

3. If you live in a mobile home:

  • Get out!
  • Find the nearest shelter, like a neighbor's house.
  • If no other shelter is available, it is safer to lie down as low as you can, such as in a ditch, outside, covering your head with your hands.
  • Even if your mobile home is tied down it is not a safe place during a tornado.
Weather Preparedness: Mobile Home Safety During Storms

4. If you’re in your car:

  • Get out!
  • Find shelter in a sturdy building. If you don't see one, find a ditch away from trees and other cars.
  • Lie down in the ditch with your hands covering your head.
  • If there's no ditch find an open area of land away from trees and cars. Lie flat on the ground and cover your head with your hands.
Weather Preparedness: What to do if you have to take shelter from a tornado while driving

For more tips about preparing for severe weather, check out FOX23′s Severe Weather Tip Sheet

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