Thanksgiving week brings a temperature roller coaster

Thanksgiving week brings a temperature roller coaster

Quick Facts:

  • There is going to be a mixture of sunshine and rain through the week
  • Some cooler temperatures roll in for the end of the week and Thanksgiving

After a great weekend with lots of sunshine to enjoy, there are a few more days that we'll be able to enjoy before rain chances and cooler weather move back in.

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If you have any last minutes errands to run before Thanksgiving - get them done earlier in the week before the cold and rain move in.

Monday is going to be great with a large amount of sunshine and temperatures staying in the upper 60s. Winds will be relatively calm - making this a PERFECT day to get out and run errands or to hang the Christmas lights.

By Tuesday, temperatures will be warmer (in the 70s) with winds gusting to 30 miles per hour (or higher). There is also a slight chance of rain. By no means is the rain going to cause a washout, it is just going to be a slight inconvenience as it moves through.

The relatively nice conditions stick around through Wednesday with some cooler air starting to come in. If you are leaving town or running to the store one last time, make sure you have jackets handy.

For those family football games on Thursday, it is going to be wet and cold. Temperatures will be down in the 40s with rainy conditions all day. It might be best to stay inside and soak up some warmth from the kitchen.

Rainy weather sticks around through Friday but the warmer weather moves back in. If you are planning to do any shopping on Friday or early Saturday, make sure the umbrella is handy going in and out of stores. There are some storm chances on Friday but details will need to be watched closely in the coming days.

The dry weather returns for the end of the weekend but by then the cooler weather is rolling back in as well.