• Sunny and dry for the work week, rainy for the weekend

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • The week is starting with record cold morning temperatures
    • Lots of sunshine and dry weather to enjoy during the work week
    • Despite all the sunshine, shower and storm chances return for the weekend



    With clear skies and northern winds, temperatures overnight were really allowed to cool down. Record low temperatures were set.

    Into the afternoon, the clear skies remain and temperatures will climb back into the 60s. Afternoon highs will still be below average, but it thankfully won't be as cold as over the weekend.


    Get ready for a GREAT day! Lots of sunshine and temperatures above average. Strong southern winds will help temperatures stay warm overnight and warm up into the afternoon.

    With winds up to 25 miles per hour, the grass fire risk will start to increase. There should be enough moisture in the air to limit the dry conditions and keep humidity levels above the fire weather watches/warnings, but the FOX23 Severe Weather Team will be keeping an eye on that.

    Enjoy the warm afternoon as temperatures will be dropping into Wednesday.


    After a GREAT Tuesday, temperatures drop back into the 70s, close to average. Another cold front moves through the area and changes up winds.

    With winds out of the north at 30 miles per hour, the grass fire danger will be higher on Wednesday than on Tuesday. There will be less moisture in the air because of the wind direction. Due to the lack of moisture, this will increase the grass fire risk.


    Winds stay out of the north causing temperatures to drop slightly. Skies remain clear with lots of sunshine to enjoy.

    Even with the north winds and cooler temperatures, thankfully morning lows don't drop into the record low category again.


    Some clouds start to roll in with some moisture returning to Green Country. Most of the day will be pleasant with temperatures slightly below average.

    Going into the evening and overnight hours, rain chances start to pick back up. Most of the rain will be into the weekend.


    The weekend is going to be a cool and wet one. Showers and storms will be possible on Tuesday with temperatures dropping into the 60s. The highest chance of anything turning severe looks to stay to the south of Green Country as of Monday morning.

    Into Sunday, temperatures continue to cool down into the 50s but rain chances slowly start to clear as another cold front pushes through.

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