Summertime heat settles into Green Country

Summertime heat settles into Green Country
Temps crank up for July 2020

Quick Facts:

  • Heat index values will be in the triple digits all week
  • Make sure to stay hydrated and cool with this heat
  • Some afternoons will have shower and storm chances, but not expecting a wash-out any day

The heat that many of us are used to for the summer is going to arrive this week! Most of the area will be dealing with temperatures in the 90s all week with heat index values in the triple-digits.

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What does that mean for activities outside? It means that everyone needs to be drinking LOTS of water, wearing light-colored/light-weight/breathable clothing and wearing sunscreen because we are going to have a large amount of sun around.

As temperatures and heat index values really start to crank up during July - it is key for everyone to take those summertime heat precautions and protect themselves.

On top of the heat, there will be some rain and thunderstorm chances a couple of times this week and into the weekend. The good news is that none of the rain should washout your plans - you’ll just need to keep a small umbrella handy.