Looking at damage caused by different kinds of storms

VIDEO: Storm damage in Cherokee County

Quick Facts

  • Severe storms occurred overnight, leaving behind damage
  • Different types of storms cause different patterns of damage
  • Three main types of damage patterns - tornadoes, straight-line winds, microbursts

Strong to severe storms pushed through Green Country Wednesday night and Thursday morning causing trees to be knocked down, roof damage and billboard damage.

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Severe storms moved through the Tulsa Metro beginning around 10:15 p.m. through the 11:00 p.m. time frame.

Nearly two years ago, strong winds, that many believed to have been a tornado, caused damage, turning over RVs, breaking trees, and even flipping some boat docks.

When storm damage reports begin to come in, meteorologists with the National Weather Service will tour the area to determine what occurred in the area.

Was it straight line winds or was it a microburst?

When meteorologists do damage surveys they look for multiple things. The different types of damage patterns help meteorologists determine what occurred as the storm went through.

When a tornado goes through an area, storm survey crews look for damage that is convergent in a pattern, meaning the debris or damage is moving into a single location. It can also be seen in the damage a counterclockwise pattern - the way most tornadoes spin. Most of the time, the damage pattern is within a mile in width or less.

The damage for a tornado can be seen in the video below. Trees are laying in different directions, showing the rotation of the winds rather than a single direction.

Tornado Damage from Drone

For straight-line winds - the damage path can be spread out across multiple miles and most of the damage will all be pointing or facing the same direction. Very strong winds can knock over trees, removed shingles from homes, etc.

The video shows the wind and rain in this storm all pushing in a single direction, not twisting around:

Straight Line Winds

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