• Staying warm while exercising outside

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Wear moisture-wicking layers
    • Extra layers to keep your core warm
    • Warm up your muscles before going too hard in the cold
    • Have a solid cool down period before going inside to warm back up

    Whether you are determined to keep those new year resolutions or training for a run, keeping your muscles warm in the winter can be difficult.

    Doran Taylor from St. John Siegfried Health Club says:

    Many workout enthusiast enjoy the colder season for outdoor exercise. The change in temperature and air quality can help strengthen the immune system. You will also tend to burn more calories because of the body’s tendency to have a higher pulse rate to increase body temperature (thermoregulation). There are a few winter rules that should be followed though. First, make sure to dress warmly. Add some thermal base layers to help keep your core warm. Then, make sure to have a proper warm up by doing some light jogging and adding some dynamic stretches before hitting it too hard. Then, if possible, try to train during the day. Not only will it be warmer but will also help supply some important vitamin D for the body. Finally, have a proper cool down so that your muscles don’t tighten up when heading into the warmth to stretch.

    It is also a good idea to wear moisture-wicking garments so that the cold moisture is not chilling you down too quickly.

    Other things to watch out for would be slick spots on roads and sidewalks (i.e. black ice) and to wear reflective clothing since it is dark longer.

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