Research in Norman could mean earlier warning times for storms

VIDEO: Norman research could mean earlier warning times for storms

NORMAN, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Some of the research produced a scenario where the Elk City tornado from May 2017 was forecasted 90 minutes before it happened
  • People at the Storm Prediction Center work year round to find ways to improve warning times
  • This research could help out schools, emergency officials and people at home or work

It is never too early to think about severe weather in Oklahoma. Before severe weather season arrives it is a good idea to go over your severe weather plan with your family.

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While you are going over your severe weather plan, researchers at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma are working on finding ways to have earlier warning times for tornadoes.

VIDEO: Research in Norman could mean earlier warning times for storms

Dr. Pamela Heinselman, with the National Severe Storms Lab, says that one project has been doing well with those earlier warning times.

Heinselman told FOX23 that on a day of active weather in the country, the computer could focus on a single geographical area and run scenarios much more often than the computers that are normally used by meteorologists at this time.

While this research is not being implemented across the board yet, it has already seen some success.