• Rainy conditions make an appearance before a big warm up this week

    By: Megan McClellan


    After the chilly and cloudy weekend, things will slowly warm up by Friday before cooling back down. This week will be a mixture of sunshine, clouds, and rain. 


    Starting the week on the cool side, but the heavy coats will not be needed. Instead, grab a jacket and just keep that handy throughout the week.

    Isolated drizzle possible today before the main rain even arrives later in the week. Most of the day will be cloudy and temperatures will stay slightly below average. 


    A light jacket will be needed to start the day, but by the afternoon decently enjoyable. Isolated showers will increase compared to Monday as a front gets a little bit closer. The day will not be a complete wash out.


    Highest rain chances all week. A front pushes through Green Country changing up the winds and allowing for some showers. Temperatures will not drop below average, instead they will be slightly above.

    Rain jackets or umbrellas would be good to keep handy for everyone in the family.


    All the showers start to clear out of the area. There could be some rain lingering around into the afternoon.

    Winds start to be back out of the south bringing in some warm air, allowing temperatures to warm back up into Friday.


    Warmest day of the week will arrive with sunshine and dry, warm winds out of the southwest. Temperatures warm up 10 to 15 degrees from Thursday and wildfire chances will make an appearance.

    The southwest winds will not only be bringing in the dry, warm air, they will also be very strong, at times gusting to 40 mph. Combining those two things will increase the air danger now that some of the vegetation is starting to dry out.


    Temperatures cool back down close to average after the warm Friday. Sunny skies stick around and winds back down making it very enjoyable.

    Morning temps will be on the cool side Sunday morning, give yourself a little bit of extra time to enjoy that cup of warm coffee or heat up the car before leaving.

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