Rain chances continue for first week of Fall

Rain chances continue for first week of Fall

Quick Facts:

  • Temperatures stay above average for the first week of Fall
  • Showers and storms remain possible as well

It seems like Summer is still trying to hang on with temperatures staying above average. As the first official week of Fall settles in the area, be prepared for more rain chances and warm weather.

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For the first day of Fall, be prepared for temperatures to continue above average. The majority of Green Country will be dry through the day but areas south of I-40 will have the chance for showers.

Overnight Monday going into Tuesday, rain chances will start to pick up again across the entire area.


Thanks to the cloudy skies along with showers and storms, temperatures will be cooler than on Monday.

The showers and storms will be around through the majority of the day allowing it to seem more like Fall than it has over the past week.


Temperatures quickly warm back up into the upper-80s despite the showers and storms from Tuesday. Rain chances will stick around for another day but with winds out of the southwest, some drier air and warmer air will move in.


For the first day of the Tulsa State Fair, temperatures are going to be in the mid-80s with some isolated rain chances sticking around. The partly cloudy skies will make for some pleasant weather despite the isolated showers.


Isolated rain chances stick around with southern winds picking up. Winds will increase into the weekend bringing more warm air and moisture into the area. This will allow temperatures to warm back up into the upper-80s rather than the low-to-mid 80s.


Rain chances pick up for the weekend but it doesn't look like a washout. The biggest thing is to make sure that you have your umbrella handy throughout the entire weekend.