Rain chances bring in the cooler temperatures to end July

Rain chances bring in the cooler temperatures to end July
Cooler for the end of July 2020

Quick Facts:

  • Showers and storms are possible every day going into the weekend
  • The clouds and rain will make it cooler throughout the week
  • Humidity levels will still be high, but it won’t feel AS HOT as it has been

Although 2020 has been an odd year thanks to the pandemic, we’ve definitely been dealing with the heat during this summer.

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So far, Tulsa has yet to see a 100-degree day this summer and it looks like that will continue into the first part of August.

The end of July is going to be cooler than most of the month thanks to some dense cloud coverage coming in along with several rounds of showers and storms. With these storms, the chance of severe weather is low, but there will be times that we will have to deal with some downpours and noisy conditions.

As these storms roll through, it is going to be important to make sure you have your umbrella and that you are INSIDE while the lightning and thunder are around.

Thanks to these storms and clouds, temperatures are going to be in the 80s rather than the 90s! It’ll still be humid and still feel a little warm outside, but overall it will feel better than temperatures in the 90s with feel-like-temperatures in the triple digits.