More cold and wet weather return to Green Country

More cold and wet weather return to Green Country

Quick Facts:

  • The week is starting out on a dry and mild note
  • Multiple cold fronts move in bringing colder air and more rain chances
  • Things look mostly dry for the weekend

Although things were chilly at times over the weekend, at least there was lots of sunshine to enjoy spending time outside.

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Through the next week - there is going to be a mixture of sunny days and rainy days - be prepared.


Things are going to start out nice and dry with pleasant temperatures for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the day, a cold front will make its way through Green Country causing clouds to increase for the afternoon/evening. There will be some isolated rain chances, mostly to the southeast of the Tulsa metro.

Once the clouds start to roll in, it isn't going to be a HUGE drop in temperatures, but you will start to notice some things changing in the skies.


Things will be slightly cooler for Tuesday and things look to be DRY! Enjoy all the sunshine and nice temperatures.

The cold front that rolls through on Monday is not the main cold front of the week, instead, it is just one of many that will be rolling through.


By the middle of the week, temperatures are still going to be pretty mild, but conditions outside are not going to be nice.

The second cold front will start to push its way into the area, bringing more rain chances for the day. You'll want to make sure you have your rain boots and umbrellas handy all-day-long thanks to this cold front.

Showers and some rumbles of thunder will be possible with this cold front pushing through.


Rain chances stick around but the colder air arrives as well!

Temperatures will go from the 60s on Wednesday into the 40s for Thursday with cloudy skies, wet conditions and northern winds making it feel colder than it really is.

Make sure everyone has their coats and umbrellas handy throughout the day!


Dry weather returns just in time for the end of the week and for Friday Night Football.

Temperatures will still be on the cool side with highs in the 40s and overnight temps (going into Saturday) in the 30s.

When you head out the door on Friday, coats and potentially gloves would be a great idea!


Get outside and enjoy the weekend! There is going to be lots of sunshine for Saturday with temperatures climbing back up into the 60s.

Saturday is probably the best day of the weekend thanks to another cold front moving in for Sunday.

That cold front will drop temperatures by about 10 degrees for Sunday and bring in some more rain chances.

It doesn't look like a washout right now, but keep an eye on the forecast for any plans you have this weekend!