Making a severe weather plan for your family

Quick Facts

  • Always have a stocked emergency supply kit
  • Have multiple ways to receive weather information
  • Practice the plan with family members multiple times a year

With severe weather season upon Green Country, now is the time to make sure that you and your family know what to do in case of severe weather. Does everyone know where the safe spot is? Do you know how to communicate or where to meet up after a weather event?

There are few key things to think about while making a plan:

  1. Having a well-stocked emergency supply kit with enough water and non-perishable food items
  2. Determining the safest place in your house (lowest, most central part of the house). This can be an interior bathroom, closet under the stairs, or a storm shelter
  3. Identify a location to meet if separated and contacts for people to inform you are safe
  4. Have multiple ways to receive weather information in case power goes out

If you would like a printable checklist that you can mark on, download the FOX23 Severe Weather Safety Kit Checklist.

Make sure you practice your plan

Thinking and practicing ahead of time can make an actual event less stressful. It can also help your children know what to do in case you are not home. While practicing the plan, do a practice run with the whole family and another where someone may not be at the house (i.e. at work or out of town).

For more tips about preparing for severe weather, check out FOX23′s Severe Weather Tip Sheet