How severe is Oklahoma’s weather in April?

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma is entering its 2021 severe weather season after a comparatively moderate season last year.

April is the state’s second-most active month for severe weather on average.

We average the second-highest number of tornadoes in the state with 12. However, some years have zero tornadoes in April while others can add up to more than 50 like back in 2012.

April brings the region the highest risk of hail out of any other month in the year. Tulsa records hail nearly two out of every three months of April.

While it’s known to be a stormy month, it is only the fifth-wettest on average for Tulsa.

The severe weather limitations at this point in early April are the lack of returning moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and cooler air that often holds off a greater potential.

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