Heat sticks around before some more mild weather arrives

Heat sticks around before some more mild weather arrives

Quick Facts:

  • Summer-time heat remains for Monday
  • Cooler weather arrives for the middle part of the week
  • Milder weather for the end of the week and the weekend


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Temperatures climb into the upper-90s and pushing towards 100°. Should the 100-degree mark arrive on Monday afternoon, this will tie for the 2nd latest that Tulsa has ever seen the first 100° of the year.

The last time that happened was back in 1958 and it was the ONLY 100° day that Tulsa saw that year.

In order to go to the latest 100° day seen, you have to back to September 1, 1945.

2004 was the last summer that Tulsa went WITHOUT 100 showing up.

Even with all the heat we have, feel like temperatures will climb near 111° through the afternoon. An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for Monday afternoon.


Going into Tuesday, temperatures are going to be cooler because of a cold front moving through the area. With the cold front, we'll also see some rain chances popping up. These rain chances are NOT going to be as widespread or as intense as what was seen at the end of last week and for part of the weekend.

By the afternoon, most of Green Country will be dry with temperatures about 10-degrees cooler than Monday afternoon.


The cool weather sticks around with mostly sunny skies and pleasant conditions. This will be a great day for some kids to go back to school and for spending the afternoon outside after the kids get out of school.


Temperatures start to warm back up slowly with more sunshine and warm air coming in (thanks winds out of the south). Highs will still be in the low-90s but it will start to feel warmer than that as the moisture returns to Green Country.


Through Friday and the weekend, temperatures will be in the mid-90s with mostly sunny skies and humid conditions. Feel-like temperatures will climb back above 100° for the weekend, even climbing above 105° for parts of the weekend.