First week of December brings mild temps and rain chances

First week of December brings mild temps and rain chances

Quick Facts:

  • A chilly but dry start to the week
  • Temperatures warm-up through mid-week
  • Rain chances return for the end of the work-week
  • Looks like a dry weekend

The weekend was a WINDY one with strong winds on Saturday and Sunday but as a new week starts, winds will be calmer and there are some dry conditions to enjoy before rain chances return and winds pick back up.

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Don't let the sunny skies deceive you - it is going to be a chilly Monday! Temperatures started out in the 20s and 30s but will climb into the upper 40s for the afternoon.

Winds will be calming down throughout the day and starting to be a bit more out of the south. That will help things warm-up for Tuesday and Wednesday but won't help out Monday a lot.

The good news for Monday is that things are going to be DRY and there will still be plenty of sunshine to enjoy through the afternoon.


Sunny skies and dry conditions stick around making for a wonderful day! Temperatures will climb into the upper-50s with some light winds. The winds will still be about 5 to 10 miles per hour but with more of a southern/western component, temperatures will warm up.

This will be a GREAT day to put up any Christmas decorations outside if you haven't done so already.


Temperatures continue to climb to about 60-degrees by the time the middle of the week happens. The sunshine and warm winds will help the temperatures warm up.


Clouds will be increasing ahead of a cold front that will move through. Ahead of the cold front, temperatures will still be in the 60s for the afternoon. By that afternoon though, rain chances will start to pick up thanks to the cold front.

Severe weather is not expected for Thursday afternoon/evening but you will want to make sure that you have your umbrella handy for the afternoon and evening commute home.


Rain chances continue from Thursday afternoon through the overnight hours and part of Friday morning. All the rain should clear out by the afternoon and evening but the cooler temperatures will be rolling in by this point as well.

Temperatures will go from the 60s on Thursday into the 50s for the afternoon. With highs in the 50s and winds out of the north, there will be a wind chill to keep in mind for any plans outside.


Sunny skies and warmer temperatures move back into Green Country for the weekend. Winds are still going to be strong, but thankfully they'll be out of the south which will help with the warmer air moving in.