• Finally seeing more seasonable and below average temperatures

    By: Megan McClellan



    Enjoy the warm but windy day! Temperatures are going to be the warmest all week ahead of a strong cold front. There will be some sunshine to enjoy, but keeping a close eye on cloud coverage as the day goes on. 

    Afternoon highs will be more than 20 degrees above the average for the beginning of December with windy conditions.

    A cold front moves through in the afternoon and evening dropping temperatures into Tuesday. There could also be some showers and storms as the front moves through, highest chances in the southeast portions of Green Country.


    Temperatures will be back close to average after the strong cold front. Dropping from the mid 70s to the low 50s, make sure you have layers handy.

    Rain chances leave as the cold front continues to push south, but there will still be some cloud coverage.


    Starting out around the freezing mark, temperatures are going to stay a little bit more seasonable than how the week started. More sunshine to enjoy even with the cooler temperatures.


    Even cooler temperatures arrive with another shot of cold air moving in. Bundle up for the morning with temperatures dropping into the 20s across Green Country and only warming up to the mid-40s. Winds stay out of the north, so keep your layers handy.


    Staying below average for another day with the cold air continuing to move in. There will be more sunshine than on Thursday and winds will continue to be out of the north.

    Keep the kids bundled up for the bus stop or any outside activities, especially in the morning.


    Morning temperatures for Saturday and Sunday will be staying below the freezing mark, but thankfully warm up into the afternoon. Slightly below average on Saturday for the afternoon high but jumping about 10 degrees into Sunday afternoon with lots of sunshine to enjoy.

    Although it will be cold, there will be plenty of dry weather to enjoy for any holiday shopping plans or any outdoor plans in general.

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