End of June will be hot and humid

End of June will be hot and humid
Heat stress & heat index starting 6/29/2020

Quick Facts:

  • Despite the Saharan dust, the humidity is cranking up this week
  • Temperatures will climb into the upper-90s
  • Some days will have some isolated to scattered rain chances
  • The holiday weekend looks pleasant

If you had trouble breathing over the weekend because of the dust in the air, there will be some relief this week, but not much. The remnants of all that dust will start to clear out on Monday but more dust is headed our way AND the heat and humidity really start to crank back up.

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For the first couple days of the week, temperatures will be climbing into the upper-90s with the chance for some places to climb into the triple digits by mid-week. Heat index values will be near (if not above) 105-degrees through the middle part of the week.

Since things will be so warm this week (not only with temperatures but also with heat index values) make sure you are taking the proper heat precautions by staying hydrated, wearing light-colored and light-weight clothing, and wearing plenty of sunscreen when you are outside.

For the holiday weekend, there are some isolated rain chances but it does NOT look like it will be a washout right now. Just be prepared that you may have to go inside (or get off the lake) for a little while then you can head back out.