• When was the earliest snow in Tulsa history and other fun Tulsa snow facts

    By: Megan McClellan


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    Quick Facts:

    • Earliest snow on record in Tulsa
    • Wasn't a large amount, 0.3"
    • Typically October only sees trace amounts of snow

    When snow falls in Tulsa it can be a gorgeous sight or a treacherous time.

    During the month of October, Tulsa normally doesn't see measurable amounts of snow, but 25 years ago that changed.

    October 29, 1993 set a new record in Tulsa for the earliest measurable snowfall ever. That snowfall not only set that record, but it is also the most snowfall ever recorded in the month of October.

    Taking a look at climatological data, Tulsa averages 9.6" of snow throughout the year. Broken down by month the snowfall amounts look like this:

    • January - 2.7"
    • February - 1.8"
    • March - 2.1" 
    • April - Trace amounts
    • May - None
    • June - None
    • July - None
    • August - None
    • September - None
    • October - Trace amounts
    • November - 0.7"
    • December - 2.3"

    Snow has happened in May before with trace amounts back in 2013 but Tulsa has never seen snow in June, July, August or September.

    The snowiest year in the last decade was in 2011 with 26.1 inches of snow!! more than 22 inches of that fell in February!

    1958 is the snowiest year on record in Tulsa with 29.6 inches.

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