• Dry and sunny for any holiday week plans

    By: Megan McClellan



    Sunny skies stick around with temperatures a little above average for the second half of November. Winds will pick up into the afternoon increasing the threat for any grass fires. 


    Some clouds throughout the day will change up the sunshine, but will not keep temperatures from warming up drastically. 

    A cold front will push through changing up winds and causing temperatures to cool dow into Wednesday. Either bring in your plants and animals, or protect them with freezing temperatures expected going into Wednesday.


    Starting out below freezing, the clear skies and cooler temperatures will be sticking around into the afternoon. Keep coats handy through the morning and jackets for the afternoon. Only climbing into the 50s instead of the 60s, Wednesday afternoon will be below average temperature wise.


    Temperatures warm back up slightly above average for Thanksgiving. Conditions stay dry and winds are not terribly strong. 

    Pre-lunch (or post-lunch) football plans are great. 


    Temps climb back into the 70s for the end of the week. Should there be any plans to be outside, whether for shopping or more family football, things will be nice.

    You will need a jacket to start the day, but can shed that by the afternoon.


    Sunny skies stick around the the weekend with another cold front pushing through. Temperatures don't get as cold as they did mid-week; instead they drop closer to average by Sunday.

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