• Multiple rounds of rain decreases drought conditions in Oklahoma

    By: Megan McClellan


    Story Highlights

    • Drought conditions are slowly getting better with last week's rain
    • Extreme and Exceptional drought remains in parts of Oklahoma
    • Continued rain chances will help the drought conditions in some areas

    Things have been cooler in Oklahoma over the last few weeks and the rain has been nice.

    The summer started with the continuing heat, keeping drought conditions from going away. Thankfully, the rain chances Eastern Oklahoma has seen over the last few weeks are starting to help out!

    Through the end of May and the first part of June, the "Abnormally Dry" category was in less than twenty percent of the state, jumping up to thirty percent by mid-June and back around 22-percent since the end of July. 


    By mid-August, about 50-percent of the state was not in any drought category. That is up from the 22-percent at the end of July.

    The "Severe Drought" and "Extreme Drought" categories were getting worse for a while, but things have gotten better over the last couple of weeks.


    Green Country is no longer seeing the "Extreme Drought" category in Osage and Pawnee counties. The good news is that less than 5-percent of the state is under that category with about one-percent of the state in the "Exceptional Drought" category which is the worst category.


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