• Foggy weather: Keys to driving safely

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts

    • Fog forms when conditions are clear and calm when temperatures and dew point temperatures are within a degree or two
    • Never use high-beam lights when driving in fog
    • Fog in freezing temperatures can lead to more problems including some black ice on elevated surfaces



    Clear skies, calm winds, and high humidity combined can lead to foggy conditions. When temperatures and dew point temperatures are within a few degrees of each other with clear skies and calm winds, fog typically forms.

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    A few things to remember when heading out the door to stay safe are:

    1. Slow down and allow for extra commute time
    2. Use low beam lights to inform other drivers where you are (in front of you and behind you)
    3. Never use high beams as they cause a glare making it more difficult for you and others to see
    4. Leave plenty of distance between you and other drivers
    5. Follow the lines on the road with your eyes to be certain you are staying in the proper lane


    If the fog is extremely dense, the best option is to turn on the hazard lights and park in a parking lot or pull off the road as far as possible.

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    Marine Fog Safety:

    1. Turn on all running lights
    2. Slow down
    3. Listen for sounds of other boats
    4. Use GPS

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