• Does your shirt color really matter in the heat?

    By: Megan McClellan


    TULSA, Okla. -  

    Quick Facts

    • Wearing light colored and light weight clothing is the best idea if you must be outside
    • Typically, the darker the shirt, the hotter it gets
    • Take frequent breaks and hydrate
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    The FOX23 Severe Weather Team is tracking more dangerously hot days in Green Country.

    Temperatures are pushing closer and closer to the triple digit mark with feel like temperatures consistently being in the triple digits, even above 110°.

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    Spending time in the sunshine without preparing yourself or taking care of yourself can be dangerous.

    Five different colored shirts were put in the sunshine around 8:30 AM after the rain cleared out of Tulsa on Wednesday morning. Shirt colors were black, red, green, light blue, and white.

    At 8:30 AM shirt temperatures ranged from 85.4° to 96.2° but then jumped to the triple digits by 11:00 AM. Shirt temperatures ranged from 100.7° to 124.1°.

    Here's a look at the final t-shirt temperatures:

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