Cooler temperatures arriving to make it feel more like January

Cooler temperatures arriving to make it feel more like January

The weather has been very pleasant over the last few days. Lots of sunshine and warm weather to enjoy but that is about to change.

Cooler temperatures and more rain chances will be arriving for multiple cold fronts pushing through Green Country making it feel more like January and less like Spring.


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Temperatures will remain on the warm side with a decent amount of sunshine to enjoy through the afternoon.

Winds will remain out fo the west, continuing to bring in dry and warm air.


A front pushes through overnight changing up the winds and bringing in some cooler air. Temperatures will be about 10-degrees colder than on Monday but thankfully things stay dry with this front.

Even with the cooldown, highs will still be about 15-degrees above what is considered normal for this part of January.


Things continue to cool down with the northern winds bringing in some cooler air. It isn't going to be a frigid cold day, instead, highs still in the 50s with some sunshine to enjoy for any mid-week plans.


Rain chances start to pick back up with another front moving closer. Highs will drop into the 40s and starting in the evening, you'll want to make sure you have an umbrella handy.


More rain chances arrive with temperatures staying in the 40s. Temperatures feel more like mid-January rather the spring-like what the first part of the week was.


Rain chances clear out during the morning on Saturday leading to a partly cloudy but at least pleasant weekend.

Temperatures aren't going to be as warm as the previous weekend but at least things are drastically cold and dealing with full-time freezing temperatures.