Cold and wet week ahead, but should be dry for Halloween night plans

Cold and wet week ahead, but should be dry for Halloween night plans

Quick Facts:

  • Bundle up for all the cold and wet weather ahead
  • Colder temperatures stick around most of the week
  • Showers will be in place through Thursday morning

Many days last week started with rain chances and were cool thanks to a cold front and the rain. By the time the weekend arrived, the rain started to clear out and the temperatures began to climb (even back into the 70s for Sunday afternoon).

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With a new week starting, temperatures are back down in the 40s and the rain chances are going to be back on the climb thanks to another cold front.

In the days leading up to Halloween, temperatures are going to be on the cool and cold side. At times some places could drop below freezing in the morning hours with afternoon temperatures climbing into the 40s.

Rain chances pick back up starting Monday afternoon/evening and continue through Thursday morning. If you are worried about trick-or-treating, the good news is that it should be dry for any evening plans on Thursday. The only problem should be any remaining puddles and the cold weather our trick-or-treaters will have to deal with.

By the end of the week and into the weekend, temperatures start to warm back up into the 50s with lots of sunshine. Highs will still be BELOW what is considered normal for the beginning of November but at least it will be dry!