Calm weather starts the week before more rain chances arrive

Calm weather starts the week before more rain chances arrive

Quick Facts:

  • Calmer weather for the first part of the week
  • Another cold front will move through Wednesday into Thursday bringing more rain and colder temperatures
  • Rain chances will remain possible into the first part of the weekend


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Clear skies will make for a great day! Lots of sunshine and mild temperatures stick around behind the cold front that cleared out Sunday night's storms.

If you are spending any amount of time outside today, you'll want to make sure you have your sunglasses handy!

Winds will be gusty at times up to 25 miles-per-hour out of the west, bringing in some dry air.


Very similar conditions to what Monday brought Green Country. Temperatures will stay in the 60s for highs with clear skies and winds out of the west.

Sunny skies are going to make up for the fact that more rain will arrive on Thursday as another cold front pushes through.


It will still be nice and dry for the middle part of the week. Temperatures will be warmer on Wednesday than any other day of the week. Highs will climb back into the 70s thanks to the sunshine and the southern winds bringing in warmer air and some moisture.

With the southern winds, the humidity levels will start to climb again and a few clouds will be possible.


Have those umbrellas ready!

Soggy, cold, and windy conditions will be around throughout the day. As a cold front starts to push through Green Country, showers will be moving through. This will make for a soggy day.

Temperatures will drop from the 70s on Wednesday into the 50s on Thursday.

Combine the temperatures with the rain and northern winds, it will feel colder than it really is outside.

Make sure to prepare for that (both mentally and physically)!


Rain will stick around on and off throughout the day. It doesn't look like it will be a washout (unlike Thursday) but it will be a good idea to keep your umbrellas handy.

Temperatures will stay in the 50s at least one more day thanks to the cooler air coming in with the cold front and the northern winds sticking around.


Don't put the umbrellas away just yet. For Saturday, there will still be some on and off rain chances but thankfully temperatures warm up a little more.

Highs will be in the 60s throughout the weekend with some sunshine to enjoy.

It looks like Sunday will be the best day for any outdoor activities or any errands.