Breaking weather records: The Great Blue Norther

VIDEO: Remembering record-setting cold front in Tulsa

A strong cold front moved across the United States on November 11, 1911 that drastically dropped temperatures across the country and set many records.

In Oklahoma, not only were record highs set ahead of the front, but record lows were also set behind the front.

Some of the more interesting facts:

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  • Tulsa hit a record high of 85° (also hit in 1989)
  • The temperature by the following morning was down to 15° (still the record low)
  • OKC set a record high of 83° and by midnight a record low of 17° (both still valid)
  • Independence, KS the temperature dropped from 83° to 33° in one-hour.
  • Winds gusted over 60 mph behind the front creating a dust storm across parts of Oklahoma
  • Janesville, WI was struck by an F4 tornado and within hours was experiencing blizzard conditions and a temperature near 0°
  • At least 15 tornadoes occurred across the upper-Midwest

This incredibly strong cold front is known as "The Great Blue Norther of November 11, 1911".

The FOX23 Severe Weather Team is talking digging through the numbers to see just how rare these types of events are and if we could see one like this again.