Another week with a cold front and rain chances

Another week with a cold front and rain chances

Quick Facts:

  • The week will start on a DRY and WARM note before another cold front arrives
  • Temperatures will cool back down and more rain chances arrive thanks to the cold front
  • Rain should clear out by the weekend at which point temperatures start to warm up again

It seems like this year has been one of those years, where every week there is some type of rain chance. There have been some wetter weeks than others that have led to a very wet year, but specifically, this time of year (Fall) is known for these cold fronts that will bring us rain chances. Some rain chances are more intense and more widespread while others are very hit-or-miss.

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This upcoming week, there is another one of these cold fronts that will arrive in Green Country with rain chances out ahead of the front.


Although the day started out on the cooler side of things - all the sunshine is going to FEEL great for the afternoon.

Temperatures will climb into the 60s again with mostly sunny skies. There are no hazards expected for the start of the week, instead, it will be dry and warm.


The warm weather continues with temperatures climbing close to 70°! While the sunny skies and warm weather is a great time to get outside and enjoy this great weather, also be thinking about any outside chores that need to get done.

You'll want to get these chores done by Tuesday afternoon because rain chances will start to pick back up by Wednesday afternoon thanks to another cold front coming in.


Wednesday will start out on the dry side before the rain chances start to pick up. These rain chances are going to be AHEAD of a cold front moving into Green Country.

This front will be bringing in some cooler weather, but we aren't going to see the cooler temperatures immediately. Instead, the clouds will increase first, then the rain chances start to pick up (starting Wednesday afternoon) and then eventually the cooler weather wills tart to move into the area.


Rain chances continue through the day with the cold front still pushing through the area. Temperatures will drop from the upper 60s into the low 60s. This temperature change will mostly be because of the rain and cloud coverage in the area.

You'll want to make sure everyone is prepared for the rain chances that will be around through most of the day.


Cooler temperatures finally start to arrive in Green Country with more rain possible as well.

Highs will only be in the 40s with the scattered rain chances continuing as well.


By the time the weekend gets here, the rain will be moving out of the area and temperatures will start to warm back up as well.

Highs on Saturday will be in the low 50s then climb to the upper 50s by Sunday.

The good news is that throughout the entire weekend, it does look like things will be DRY with a large amount of sunshine to enjoy!